Video Interviewing Software Market: Redefining Recruitment Mechanisms

Video interviewing software has emerged as an inventive tool for organizations seeking to optimize traditional interview procedures. As per Inkwood Research, the global video interviewing software market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 16.21% during the forecast period of 2024 to 2032. Virtual interviewing software simplifies the evaluation of numerous job candidates. Employers use web-based recruiting tools to formulate inquiries and invite candidates.

Video Interviewing Software in Progressive Recruitment

Video interviewing software restructures recruitment, simplifying traditional hiring practices. This futuristic technology introduces productive approaches to candidate assessment, enabling precise evaluation of skills, experiences, and cultural fit through virtual interviews.

Video Interviewing Software Market

In line with this, as per Walters People, the adoption of video interviews for recruitment has surged by a significant 67% in recent weeks.

  • Rethinking Traditional Screening

With the advent of transcending technologies such as virtual interviewing software, organizations are reassessing their approaches to candidate assessments. The shift goes beyond resume-based screenings, offering a multi-dimensional evaluation process that considers qualifications, interpersonal skills, and a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s potential contributions to the organization.

  • Strategic Questioning for Holistic Insight

The questions formulated for virtual interviews extend past the mundane. They are strategically constructed to unveil responses that offer a holistic understanding of the candidates. This extends above the assessment of technical skills, delving into soft skills, cultural alignment, and professional experiences. The meticulous approach aims to present employers with well-rounded information about employees.

  • Cloud-Based Innovation

Adopting digital interviewing solutions parallels the integration of a cloud-based reformation into the recruitment discipline. Functioning effortlessly, comparable to widely used platforms like Gmail, this technology affords recruiters enhanced accessibility and flexibility. Logging in, crafting interviews, and issuing invitations—all emerge within the virtual field, contributing to the heightened proficiency and adaptability demand. For instance, top players like HireVue rely on end-user applications such as FaceTime and Skype for virtual interviews. 

Video Interviewing Software Market: Implementation Across Organization Sizes 

Small, medium, and large enterprises are increasingly turning to video interviewing software to modernize their recruitment processes. 

Following this, as per Inkwood Research, large enterprises dominated the enterprise size category in 2023.  

  • Streamlined Initial Screening

Online interviewing proves to be a valuable asset across enterprises of different scales. Medium enterprises utilize video interviewing for swift and thorough assessments of diverse candidates, translating to significant time and resource savings during the early stages of recruitment. Large enterprises dealing with substantial applicant numbers find video interviews an effective tool for managing this volume, providing a more efficient identification of top-tier talent. 

  • Cost-Efficient Recruitment

In small enterprises, video interviews alleviate the expenses tied to conventional face-to-face assessments, granting flexibility for evaluations without geographical constraints. Medium-sized enterprises strategically employ video interviewing to efficiently manage recruitment costs, particularly evident when assessing candidates from diverse locations. For large enterprises, the adoption of video interviewing translates into substantial cost savings, especially notable when handling a considerable volume of applicants spanning multiple regions. 

According to RecRight, companies using virtual interviewing software have a 2.7 times higher chance of enhancing their cost-per-hire.

  • Remote Collaboration

Digital interviewing fosters remote collaboration, allowing team members from different locations to participate actively in the hiring process in small enterprises. Medium enterprises strategically utilize video interviews to synchronize assessments among hiring teams spread across various branches or locations. Simultaneously, large enterprises mobilize video interviewing platforms to facilitate seamless collaboration for geographically diverse teams during the candidate evaluation process. 

Virtual interviewing software is undergoing an evolutionary shift, adopting transfiguring methods and mobile and web applications to enhance the overall recruitment experience. This addresses both recruiter and candidate demands for a promising interview process, showcasing the market’s commitment to delivering premium recruitment solutions. 

Therefore, as technological advancements persist in shaping the domain of video interviewing software globally, the ongoing demand to enrich user experience and elevate the efficacy of candidate evaluations is anticipated to propel the growth of the video interviewing software market over the forecast period.

By Harshita Kumari


Shine, Jobvite, and HireVue are some of the top players in the global video interviewing software market.

North America was the largest revenue-generating region in the global video interviewing software market.