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About Us

About Us

We at Inkwood research provide you with not just consulting services but also with syndicated and customized research reports which help advance your business further. We help the client to make informed, calculated decisions by offering them relevant and fact based research studies accumulated from various diverse industries such as technology, healthcare, chemicals, materials and energy. Due to the in-depth analysis conducted by our dedicated team of researchers and analysts, we offer our clients strategic objective insights about the market. We regularly update our market research so that our clients are better equipped with the latest data which helps them to make calculated moves for gaining competitive advantage over their rivals. We cover more than 40 multi-country market, competitor, and customer intelligence studies for our clients which involves a complete understanding of the market size, segmentation, intelligence and opportunity assessment apart from the best strategy to enter a new market. We also help the customer with identifying their competitors as well as customer, pricing and sourcing intelligence to roust the competition.

The core values imbibed in every employee at Inkwood Research are:

Integrity: We value the trust of our clients and therefore we do not indulge in any kind of unethical methodology which would bring a bad name to our clients and inadvertently on us. When you choose to join hands with our organisation for its excellent consulting services, be rest assured that we are ready to stand up to any scrutiny. Our primary goal is to uphold the trust of our client and to provide them with independent and unbiased solutions to their problems.

Client satisfaction:The needs of our client are of utmost importance to us. We provide our clients with research data, collaborate with them to share ideas and work through all challenges together. Our success depends on the humongous success of our clients, so it is needless to say that we always put our clients’ vision, requirements and demands before our needs. We always strive to deliver more than what is expected by the client. Also, we keep all the data about our client and their products secure and confidential. Our primary objective is the satisfaction of the client and therefore we always focus solely on our clients’ objectives.

Quality: We provide authentic and updated market research to our clients which help them make calculated decisions regarding their product. We always ensure that the qualitative and quantitative information gathered and provided to the customer is of utmost importance. Our projects are carried out with proper research methodology along with extrapolation, scope and a list of data sources used to compile the study. Our clients are satisfied with the quality of service we provide and will vouch for the results achieved because of our research.

Service guarantee: You are assured of complete accountability and excellent after sale services with access to researchers and analysts as well as quick response time to client queries when you decide to consult with us. We help our clients with additional data points along with their requirements post purchase to provide maximum value for money. Even post project delivery, our account managers are in contact with the clients to ensure that all their queries are properly handled and resolved with the help of easy access to our research team.

We would like to be known globally as an information integrator that provides accurate market data, industry insights and consulting services. We wish to enable companies to make strategic decisions to achieve optimum performance, growth and revenue targets.

We, as an organization, solely focus on creating efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients. We constantly strive and channelize our reserves and energies to ensure that our clients can take strategic initiatives with minimum risks involved and can optimise their performance in a significant manner on a long term basis. We are focussed on building a global firm which will act as a central point for end-to-end market research solutions by attracting, developing and retaining excellent industry and domain experts.


Quality ensured

We provide the best in the industry. When you choose us, you can be sure of the top-notch quality research we would deliver to you. Our foremost priority is our clients and never settle for the mediocre is one of our work principle. Our efforts are result oriented and process driven consulting services and we strive hard to provide first-rate research quality.

Customized research and Consulting services

We specialize in customized research and consulting services according to the client’s requirement. Our customized research narrows down to the market technicalities for the benefits and maximum growth of your organization. We do not comply with “one size fits all” policy and hence we specialize in providing research data that corresponds to your business requirements. Our consulting services caters the specialized business consulting for informed business decisions and solutions.

Flexible and cost effective

We are a standard-sized market research and consulting firm willing to accustom to the client’s business and research needs. Our exclusivity pertains to the time, work speed and cost effectiveness in comparison to others.

Reputable and reliable

We are trusted and reputed organization specializing in research on global level. We comprehend the market scenarios, industry and the client’s requirements while advancing track record which makes us stand apart from other firms.

Remarkable track record

We value the client’s trust in us and strive towards developing strong and lasting bonds. At present, we are trusted by many preeminent industrial organizations and we have had the complacency by serving them for their business requirements.

Information security

We are dedicated to consider and care for the personal and confidential information safety along with the environmental impact of the advice from commencement to completion. The continued associations with reputed industrial organizations exhibits our dedication to our security policies.

Deadline driven management

With clients being our priority, we render in-depth business, innovative thinking and meeting all the deadlines to acknowledge all your queries.

Large consultancy firms generally do not have time for personal interaction which is what we provide. We give your business in-depth, out-of-the-box thinking, meet your deadlines and answer all your queries even after completion of project. We also offer customized and personalized services from our senior consultants to address your business requirements.

Single channel for all services

Our dedicated account managers are inclined to answer and acknowledge all your research and consulting issues.

The account manager’s team at Inkwood Research are experienced and informed on managing the clients carefully and efficiently. For any of your requirements, you can contact us at

Service commitment

We are committed to provide you with best possible service. We have seasoned analysts who understand your research needs and will guide you to make your business more efficient and profitable.


We employ comprehensive research methodologies concentrated on providing veritable estimates and forecasts. Our methodical approach to research employs data triangulation technique apart from utilizing a number of standard research tools for segregating and evaluating the quantitative aspects of the market. The employed analytical elements of methodology also includes:

Primary Research

The raw market data is assembled and progressively filtered to ensure the authenticity and validity of sources taken into consideration. Additionally, data mining is also carried out from a number of reports in our research database. The extensive comprehension of the market includes data collection from the raw material suppliers, distributors and buyers.

Industry dynamics with respect to drivers, restraints and pricing trends are also gathered. The material thus obtained contains a huge range of original data which is then cross validated and authenticated with published sources before being taken into consideration.

Statistical model

We make market estimates and forecasts on the basis of simulation models which are customized as per the user/customer’s requirements. The information gathered through data mining is fed into the model and analyzed simultaneously. The comparative analysis of various factors and their impact over forecast period is performed with the help of correlation, regression and time series analysis. Market forecasting involves a combination of economic tools, technological analysis, and industry and domain experience.

For short-term forecasting we employ econometric models, while technological market models are used for long-term forecasting. Some of the parameters considered for forecasting include market drivers and restraints along with their current and expected impacts; raw material scenario and supply v/s price trends; regulatory scenario and expected developments; current and expected capacities. We assign weight to these parameters and quantify the impact they cause on the market using weighted average analysis to derive an expected market growth rate.

Secondary research

After primary interviews are conducted validate our findings and assumptions used to obtain them. Interviews are conducted with suppliers, technology providers, domain experts and buyers to obtain an unbiased picture of the market. These interviews are conducted across the globe to obtain a global approach for the client’s needs are an integral part of our secondary research. Interviews apart from helping in data validation also provide deep insight into the market, current business scenario and future expectations thereby enhancing the quality of our reports.

All our estimates and forecasts are verified by Key Industry Participants (KIPs) which include market leading companies, raw material suppliers, product distributors, and buyers.