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“Data alone is rarely meaningful; information and analytics must go hand-in-hand.”

Inkwood Research is a premier data analytics and B2B market research company. Our first-mover research reports and consulting services are built on the Value principle and tailored to address all business needs. We guide our clients to make informed decisions as per the changing landscape.

We boast of a team of dedicated analysts and consultants, who are some of the best experts in their field, with years of experience. Using effective research tools, they design ways with a result-oriented approach to existing issues or derive personalized industry analysis for future horizons.

Our syndicated market report database is comprehensive and regularly updated by cutting-edge methodologies to gauge value in every project we undertake. And, our customized services are better equipped to translate high-value competitive opportunities into reality for businesses.

Inkwood Research covers 40 multi-country markets, competitors, and customer intelligence studies, which underpins extensive data analysis, market insights, and opportunity assessment in a number of sectors spanning across the globe. With our profound understanding of the industry dynamics, we help our clients identify competitors, customers, pricing and sourcing intelligence to roust an effective strategy and stay ahead in the game.

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Consulting Services

Our consulting and advisory services provide the expertise and strategic advice you need to make informed decisions. We also feature research-based comprehensive services that emphasize developing important business intelligence. Our team uses its diverse knowledge to help execute your goals efficiently and effectively. With our research-backed services, we can identify new and lucrative business opportunities for you to scale or grow your business.

Our services are tailored to your specific requirements, and we often enlist experienced specialists to ensure the best possible outcome. Inkwood Research provides high-quality research to help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions with confidence. Investing in a business is a big undertaking – so why not make sure you’re making the right decisions?

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    How do we bring value?  

    Receive exclusive access to our cutting-edge delivery platform for invaluable insights, data-driven studies, and deep analysis.

    Go-to-Market Research – Your GPS for Market Success

    With our Go-to-Market Research, create a roadmap to position your targeted products and services for successful engagement and outperforming competitors.

    Syndicate Research Studies

    Boost your research with our network of experts. Access our syndicated research studies for industry or market-specific trends to explore new opportunities.

    White Papers

    Get reliable facts! Gather the latest insights and trends in your business with our collection of white papers. Keep up to date on the latest industry news.

    Case Studies

    Get insights from successful businesses with our selection of case studies. Learn from the best — use our resources to plan your next venture.

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Research

    Get ahead of the curve by analyzing the social and environmental impact on various industries. Our research can help you make informed decisions.

    Opportunity Assessment

    Get the most out of your market research efforts. Our experienced team of researchers will investigate & deliver potential proceedings that warrant effective decision-making.

    Supply Chain Analysis

    Get actionable insights to analyze supply chains. Our reports provide in-depth analysis to help you optimize your goals to their fullest potential.

    Deep Dive Research

    Get to the heart of the matter with our thorough market research services. Uncover key trends and promising segments to gain an edge in your operating market.

    Competitor Analysis

    Uncover your contenders through the competitive landscape. The study will include an overview of your rival’s product portfolio, strengths, and strategic moves.

    Research Partnership

    Get access to a wide range of market research data when you partner with us. We provide insights into market-specific research, knowledge translation & implementation, consultation, etc.

    We build on the value principle – Connect, Explore, Create, Empower and Grow together.


    Customized Research

    Our customized research narrows down the market technicalities for your organization’s needs to maximize growth. We do not comply with the “one size fits all” policy but rather provide specialized data tailored to make informed decisions and solutions for your business.


    Consistent Quality

    Here at Inkwood Research, we understand the importance of reliable market research. Our commitment to providing consistent and high-quality market reports ensures that our customers receive the most accurate data and analysis and the best value for their money.


    Service Commitment and Satisfaction

    We strive to deliver the best possible service; our experienced analysts understand your needs and will guide you to make your business more efficient and profitable.

    Our Core Values  

    Integrity is at the heart of what we do! We understand the importance of trust and always strive for transparency. The core values imbibed in Inkwood Research employees:

    Client Satisfaction

    At Inkwood Research, clients come first! We collaborate to identify their needs, share ideas, and consult through any obstacles they may face. Above all else, our success relies on ensuring that they reach their goals in order to maximize client satisfaction.


    We make sure that the quantitative and qualitative information is accurate and up-to-date. Our projects are carried out with proper methodology to guarantee quality results, which has been reflected in the feedback from our customers!

    Service Guarantee

    When you partner with us for consulting services, you can expect accountability along with excellent post-sale support— round-the-clock access to researchers/analysts, as well as speedy response times for any queries. Furthermore, our account managers maintain contact with the clients to promptly address concerns by contacting a member of our research team directly!

    How we can help your business today!

    We employ comprehensive research methodologies concentrated on providing reliable estimates and forecasts. Our data triangulation technique, combined with several standard research tools, helps us segregate and evaluate the market’s quantitative aspects. Our methodology also includes the following analytical elements:

    Primary Research

    To ensure authenticity and validity, we collect raw market data and use data mining on several reports in our database. We also gain market insights from raw material suppliers, distributors, and buyers while examining the diverse industry trends such as drivers, restraints, and pricing patterns. The obtained data help us collect a broad range of original data, which is cross-validated and authenticated with published sources before using.

    Statistical model

    Simulation models enable us to deliver customized data by inputting the mined data for comparison and analysis through correlation, regression, and time series analysis. Our forecasting process incorporates economic tools, technical analysis, industry expertise, and domain experience. For short-term forecasts, we utilize econometric models, while technical market models are employed for long-term forecasting. We assign weights to these parameters, quantify the dynamic impact using weighted average analysis, and thereby calculate the market’s expected growth rate.

    Secondary Research

    After conducting primary interviews, we validate our findings and assumptions. We contact suppliers, technology providers, domain experts, and buyers worldwide to gain an unbiased market view. The interviews offer us deep insight into the market, current business environment and future expectations – this helps us to make our reports even more reliable. Key Industry Participants (KIPs) then verify our estimates/forecasts; these participants include market-leading companies, raw material suppliers, product distributors, and buyers.