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Interview | Sanguina & its Tech Innovations

Sanguina is at the forefront of developing tools through accessible science and technology, emphasizing anemia screening. The company has launched AnemoCheck app, the first-ever mobile app designed for instant, non-invasive hemoglobin estimation. We spoke with Sanguina CTO Robert Mannino, who has directly experienced the impact of medical technology, making people more easily informed and proactive... Read more

JC Telemedicine discusses Telemedicine Solutions & Opportunities

JC Telemedicine was founded in 2019 to provide services to companies that want to use telemedicine. At the beginning of this year, it spun off a product-focused company called Telepath. Telepath is the “accumulation of learnings” over the years and is where Jeff Carroll, the director spends time growing his online offering. 1) COVID-19 boosted the... Read more

IT solutions & Developments | Demigos speaks of the competition

Demigos is an IT development company that builds end-to-end IT products and custom solutions for companies & startups. Over several years, it focused on the healthcare industry and building products that help find the most appropriate care for seniors, telemedicine platforms, custom EMRs, staffing platforms for healthcare workers, mHealth apps, and patient engagement platforms. The company’s portfolio... Read more
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