Global Modular Construction Market is Set to Generate $137.42 Billion by 2032

Modular Construction Market

Inkwood Research predicts the Global Modular Construction Market to surge with a 6.68% CAGR by 2032, and is predicted to generate a revenue of $137.42 billion during the forecast period, 2023-2032.

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Modular construction, involving the off-site fabrication of entire building units, reduces on-site construction time and enhances versatility. Its efficiency is boosted by digital tools facilitating design and logistics. Modular construction addresses space scarcity and reduces material costs, and is increasingly popular, especially in the hotel and residential sectors.


The trend is growing in Asia-Pacific due to housing shortages and labor costs, despite the challenges of low site productivity. Enhanced performance investment by key regional players suggests continued growth in modular construction.

Labor Shortage Globally Expected to Drive the Market Growth

Labor shortages can significantly impact the high-demand construction industry. Solutions include formulating favorable policies for migrant laborers and incorporating automation. Lack of skilled labor prolongs project schedules, impairing consumer experience.

Concrete set to Lead the Material Segment

Modular concrete construction uses precast components assembled on-site, and its usage extends to various structures due to its resilience and high early strength. Concrete is increasingly used in modular construction, especially in high-rise buildings. Recent advancements have seen the introduction of 3D concrete printing technology, creating 3D modular structures with robots and CNC equipment, accelerating the construction process and prompting investment from modular construction firms.

Asia-Pacific – Dominating Region

The modular construction market in Asia-Pacific is flourishing thanks to a surge in competition and R&D investment. Countries like Japan, China, and Australia are seeing a rise in high-end prefab options for residential and commercial structures.

However, the market is fragmented, with no single firm dominating. The demand for affordable, sustainable solutions intensifies competition, but regional operation limits rivalry among firms. Thus, a moderate competitive rivalry is anticipated in the foreseeable future.

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