UAV Battery Market: Military & Commercial Applications direct Growth

UAVs Battery Market - Inkwood ResearchBy Sukanya Mukherjee

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or automated drones fly for long periods at a controlled speed and height and have a role in many aspects of aviation. They are used in various functions, ranging from food delivery, filming, photography, climate change monitoring, and search operations after natural disasters. With the growing geo-political tension among major countries, UAVs have gained massive demand. This is because drones are used by the military worldwide for surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeted attacks. These devices operate wirelessly, creating a huge requirement for UAV batteries for optimal use. Accordingly, as per our research, the global UAV battery market is estimated to generate a whopping $17.7 billion in revenue, with a 16.32% CAGR during the forecast years, 2022-2030.


UAV Battery: Growing Military Applications

Militaries need UAVs for training in combat situations and ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance). ISR is a crucial component of any military force wherever in the globe because actionable intelligence enables commanders to make timely and efficient decisions. UAVs are also useful for aerial target practice for ground soldiers and aspiring pilots. UAVs are therefore incredibly helpful for defense forces all over the world.

Furthermore, UAVs are altering the homeland security landscape. UAVs provide an eye in the sky to homeland security agencies, enhancing situational awareness. This helps them enforce the law and protect life while saving officers’ time and valuable taxpayers’ money.

Both small and large UAVs are used by homeland security for various purposes, from border surveillance to search and rescue and disaster management operations. Over time, the usage of drones by homeland security is set to increase, thus further raising the demand for the long-life battery system to perform operations efficiently.

Top Countries Utilizing Military and Defense UAVs:

  • The United States is the main market for military UAVs.
  • Israel is one of the biggest military UAV exporters.
  • Top military UAV importers around the globe include Germany, Turkey, France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • The United States and China have sizable numbers of military UAVs in their respective inventories.

Different UAV Types used in the Military

According to Inkwood research, the global UAV battery market by UAV type was valued at $4650.08 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a 16.32% CAGR between 2022-2030. Due to the popularity of various UAV types like fixed-wing, rotary wing, and fixed-wing VTOL (hybrid), the market is expected to accelerate during the forecast period.

  • Fixed-Wing UAVs

Fixed-wing UAVs have a rigid wing that generates lift due to the forward motion of the UAV. These UAVs have high endurance, carry heavy payloads, and cater to military and civil applications. Defense forces worldwide use fixed wing UAVs for border patrol to check infiltration by terrorists or unauthorized individuals. Homeland security uses these drones to secure events where people gather in large numbers and to monitor places of interest, such as historical monuments and government buildings.

  • Rotary Wing UAVs

Rotary wing UAVs consists of rotor blades that revolve around a fixed mast. The rotor blade and the mast together are known as a rotor. Since rotor blades are themselves in motion, a forward motion of the UAV is not required to generate lift. Rotary wing UAVs usually use more than one rotor depending on their application or the payload they carry. Thus, they come in various configurations, such as tri-copters (3 rotors), quad-copters (4 rotors), etc.

  • Fixed-Wing VTOLs (Hybrid Drones)

Fixed-wing VTOLs (Hybrid Drones) can map terrain owing to their ability to do vertical takeoff and landings (VTOL). These drones combine the fixed-wing aircraft’s efficient cruise flight with multirotors’ practical vertical landing. The fixed-wing VTOL (Hybrid Drone) lands safely without harming the drone’s top-notch cameras or the drone itself. Such UAVs are expected to rise over time due to their design efficiency and easy work.

Other Important Industries: Commercial Applications

Several startups are investing in the commercial sector due to the rising demand for UAVs for various applications. Therefore, the demand for UAV batteries is rapidly surging owing to innovative UAV applications in insurance, media & entertainment, transportation, telecommunication, agriculture, mining, infrastructure, and oil & gas.

Moreover, the UAV battery industry is increasingly projecting growth opportunities, with many prospects for new as well as established competitors. Besides, commercial drones also empower farmers to manage their properties efficiently and gather essential crop data in real-time. Inkwood Research predicts that the global UAV battery market by commercial end-use will surge with a 16.53% CAGR between the forecasted years 2022 and 2030.

Drone delivery is one of the drones’ most well-liked and rapidly expanding uses. This idea is estimated to gain greater traction as technology develops and matures. E-commerce behemoths like Amazon have already made investments in the drone technology known as Amazon Prime Air and will be launching the whole service as soon as the difficulties with viability are handled.

Furthermore, commercial UAVs are revolutionizing old business and industry systems, paving the path for smart operations to enhance production. UAV commercial drones are used for far more than just taking pictures or videos. For instance, the commercial usage of drones in the insurance sector allows businesses to inspect damaged assets quickly and effectively.

All in All

Research and development must continue for technology to emerge. Therefore, steady investments and resources in the UAV technology and its ancillary markets like UAV battery technology are pushing their advancements further.

Top drone producers Plug Power, Intelligent Energy, HES Energy Systems, RRC Power Solutions, etc., have allocated a percentage of their expenditures to research and development. Even though the policy may lag behind innovation, interest in drones’ present and future applications remains high, driving the global UAV battery market.



Which is the leading region in the global UAV battery market?

Asia-Pacific is the leading region in the global UAV battery market.

Which is the leading country in the North America UAV battery market?

The United States is the leading country in the North America UAV battery market.