The quality of air is deteriorating globally for the last few decades due to the escalation in industrial activity and the rise in automobiles. This growth has severely damaged human health, causing various chronic conditions, mainly heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, acute respiratory infections in children, and lung cancer. Thus, in order to counter the menace of air pollution, the awareness of air purifiers has increased in the market, as they aid in providing better air quality for breathing.

Over the years, the air purifier market has seen innovative transitions at different levels. Many efforts are taken by companies to provide advanced air purifiers, resulting in various innovations in the market. New air purifiers are more compact and portable, and some of these can even be carried in luggage and installed in a car. Apart from the size, there has been upgradation in the design and look. The products are designed to suit the overall look of the ambiance. Innovative air purifiers like plant-based air purifiers, mounted biological air purifiers and amphora air purifiers are now available in the market. Also, recently companies are producing smart air purifiers integrated with artificial intelligence, which can be remotely operated via the internet.

In an effort to integrate air filters with air conditioners, a startup from IIT Delhi has launched Nanoclean AC filters, which can turn AC into an air purifier. These filters have a non-woven structure that retains air pollutants (PM 2.5) due to their high capacity to hold dust.

Some of the worth mentioning innovations in the global air purifier market:

Parker-Hannifin Corporation

In February 2020, new Pleated filters for dust collection was launched by Parker Hannifin. The ProTura SB nano-pleated filters use advanced nano-fiber filtration technology. It is also used to clean the air and reduce the moisture level.


U-Earth has developed a bioreactor that digests pollutants, namely fine particles, volatile organic compounds, as well as viruses.

Euromate BV

Euromate BV launched a dust-free industrial 8500 Air Purifier in March 2020. It eliminates odor and harmful gases in industrial spaces.


Airlabs has deployed its purification solution in many London taxis in order to create a fresh bubble air for passengers.


In April 2020, MANN+HUMMEL launched a new mobile air cleaner FreciousComfort Clean for sensitive areas.


This German company is developing mobile containerized filtration solutions that target mainly nitrogen oxides and fine particles.


In May 2020, Blueair got into partnership with the UK child health academy in order to train healthcare professionals on indoor air pollution.