Medical Grade Paper Market: Key End-User Trends for 2023-2032

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Packaging is crucial for modern medical applications, with the healthcare industry placing significant emphasis on flexible, safe, and more reliable solutions. In this regard, medical grade paper is widely used for packaging since it combines the elements of balanced porosity as well as strength, serving as a sustainable and protective material for medical devices. As per Inkwood Research, the global medical grade paper market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 3.98% during the forecasted years of 2023 to 2032.

Medical grade papers typically comprise cellulose fibers and are designed to facilitate sterilization agent penetration. Additionally, various types of medical grade papers, such as disposable hospital gowns, doctor rolls, surgical curtains, and specialty wipes, are utilized by healthcare professionals in examination and surgical rooms, as well.

Medical Grade Paper: Key End-Users & Healthcare Applications

Medical grade paper packaging performs three core functions for end-users: protection, utility, and communication. While protection refers to safeguarding medical devices from the environment and vice versa, utility or ease of use, ensures the quick and easy opening and removal of contents. In terms of communication, primary and secondary medical device packaging are also a means of conveying information to end-users, such as warnings, product benefits, directions, brand differentiation, and others.

Aligning with this, here’s a list of the top three end-users of medical grade paper, projecting a growing trend during the forecast years of 2023 to 2032 –

  • Hospitals –

  • As one of the main end-users of medical grade paper, hospitals necessitate high levels of cleanliness and sterilization stability with high performance. In this regard, packaging is one of the primary steps to sterilization, comprising the placement of the required medical equipment and devices in convenient and reliable packaging.
  • Accordingly, materials to be sterilized are wrapped in medical grade Kraft paper to protect the items from conditions such as humidity, temperature, and dampness.
  • Single-use medical gadgets are also being used for the prevention of disease transmission among visitors and staff members, thus increasing the demand for medical grade paper in hospitals over the upcoming years.
  • Market Position – As per Inkwood Research, under the end-user category, the hospitals segment is expected to capture a revenue share of 84% by 2032.


  • Pharmaceutical Industry –

  • The pharmaceutical industry is a key contributor to the rapidly-expanding medical grade paper market. Aligning with this, the growing consumption of pharmaceutical items, coupled with the booming generic pharmaceutical industry, is expected to fuel the demand for medical grade sheets over the upcoming years.
  • Moreover, for the health, safety, and efficiency of both patients as well as workers, medical care mandates certified as well as sterile products. As a result, medical grade paper is the ideal solution for sterile packaging, wound care, and other medical applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Market Position – Pharmaceutical industry is projected to be the fastest-growing end-user between 2023 to 2032, growing with a CAGR of 4.40%, according to Inkwood Research’s analysis.


  • Diagnostic and Research Centers –

  • Sterilization protocols, including the maintenance of sterility of biological samples, study samples, glassware, gadgets, and other similar entities, are critical in diagnostic and research facilities. Accordingly, medical grade papers observe high demand predominantly for the purpose of wrapping as well as packaging.
  • For example, research facilities are creating novel packaging materials comprising suitable ingredients for decreasing the survival rate of COVID-19 on package surfaces.
  • While steam sterilization is commonly used in diagnostic and research facilities, this factor indicates a high demand for Kraft paper, projected to be the fastest-growing and dominating material during the forecast period.
  • Market Position – The diagnostic and research centers segment, under the end-user category, is predicted to grow with a CAGR of 3.49% by 2032.


Sustainability: A Key Driving Force in Medical Grade Paper Innovation

Meeting the continually rising requirements of medical device technology is an important aspect of packaging. Likewise, the demand for innovative materials is also expanding, thus leading market players to focus on cutting-edge packaging technology. For example, Neenah Industrial Solution’s (United States) innovative paper-based, radiation-resistant medical packaging can endure the three widely used sterilization processes: radiation, autoclave, and ethylene oxide. Thus, the growing demand for sterile packaged, non-reactive, and tamper-proof products with a low total cost of ownership as well as high performance propels technological advancements in the global medical grade paper market.

Furthermore, as consumer demands grow and regulatory constraints proliferate, manufacturers and end-users will have to actively tackle a surge in environmental problems, such as pollution and the rise in medical waste, over the upcoming years. Aligning with this, healthcare product and equipment manufacturers are concentrating on environmentally responsible initiatives as well as the implementation of packaging solutions that –

  • Incorporate sustainability practices into new delivery systems
  • Seek utility savings in new automation strategies, and
  • Reduce the environmental impact of expanding product lines

For instance, Nordic Paper (Sweden) adopted new targets in order to reduce its climate impact. The total emissions of fossil greenhouse gases from recorded from the company’s activities, including indirect emissions from purchased goods and services, are projected to be reduced by nearly 50% in 2030 compared to the rates in 2020. As a result, the rising need for sustainable and innovative packaging is anticipated to contribute to the dynamic growth of the global medical grade paper market.

By Shruti Vanjare


How does the rising geriatric population influence the global medical grade paper market growth?

The rise in the senior populace results in increased hospital visits owing to the surging incidence of chronic conditions among the elderly. This factor, in turn, increases the need for medical devices and equipment, subsequently fueling the demand for medical grade paper. As a result, the rapidly-growing geriatric population is a key enabler of the global medical grade paper market’s expansion.

Which are the key players operating in the global medical grade paper market?

Some of the key players operating in the global medical grade paper market are Billerud AB, VP Group, Amcor Plc, etc.