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Veterinary vaccines play an essential part in protecting animal and public health, which minimizes the demand for antibiotics in companion animals' treatment. It also reduces animal suffering and improves the production of food to suffice the burgeoning population of humans. The most prominent examples of vaccines include Rinderpest and Rabies. The global veterinary vaccines market... Read more

Innovative Applications of Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration is a cloud-based telephony framework used by enterprises to fabricate unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platforms based on the user’s requirements of work and collaboration. An increase in the emergence of cloud technologies and growing awareness for cloud-computing benefits, such as scalability, flexibility, security, and recovery, are the significant factors driving its adoption... Read more

Discourse with Corza on Opportunities Post COVID-19

Corza Health’s mission is to invest in and build innovative and transformative global Life Science companies through partnering with existing leadership teams that have an established platform of demonstrated success.  The Corza model leverages the operating and strategic expertise of its principals and investment partner, GTCR, a Chicago based institutional private equity investor. Inkwood: How... Read more

Insights from Planet-A Mobility Consultancy on the Pandemic’s Impact on the Personal Mobility Industry

Planet-A Mobility Consultancy Planet-A is a mobility consultancy company, founded in 2017, offering all of its experience to improve mobility solutions targeting mainly corporate and state customers. The main objective of the company is to provide sustainable mobility solutions for the overall public and specializing in commuting solutions, sustainable fleets, and smart mobility planning and... Read more

Insider on Alphagreen’s CBD Research & their take on Pandemic’s Implications on the Market

Founded in 2019, Alphagreen is the leading online platform offering CBD and alternative healthcare products. It serves consumers through the online marketplace, and also provides tech-enabled services to brands. Inkwood: How do you think the Coronavirus pandemic is going to affect the CBD Skin Care Industry and to what extent? (Short & long term implications) Alpahgreen: The... Read more