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IT solutions and Developments

Demigos is an IT development company that builds end-to-end IT products and custom solutions for companies & startups. Over several years, it focused on the healthcare industry and building products that help find the most appropriate care for seniors, telemedicine platforms, custom EMRs, staffing platforms for healthcare workers, mHealth apps, and patient engagement platforms. The company’s portfolio covers easily scalable, secure solutions compliant with HIPAA and GDPR.

What motivated or motivates DEMIGOS to develop custom software solutions for the healthcare sector more than other industries?

We see a big value that custom IT solutions can bring to the healthcare market. Despite the huge technological growth over the past few decades, several arenas in the healthcare sector worldwide could be automated and streamlined with the technology. All these innovations lead to a better quality of life and longer life expectancy. Also, there are a lot of interesting products and services for end-users brought by new health tech startups.

We help them to build or scale their technology and are pleased to see when solutions allow them to bring value to end-users who need the most care: patients and elderly people.

COVID-19 has fuelled and reformed digital transformation in the healthcare sector. How did DEMIGOS position itself this time? Any use case studies you would like to share?

We saw an increased interest from companies to develop various Telehealth and telemedicine platforms during the COVID. Starting in 2022, we have developed a telemedicine platform for the Kuwait market that connects doctors and patients with video and audio calls. There are web apps for doctors, pharmacists, and admin and iOS/Android mobile apps for patients. A doctor can prescribe medication after a telemedicine visit, and a patient can buy medication through the app. This app is now launching at one of the Kuwaiti clinics.

What are the challenges you have faced in recent times?

The biggest challenge of this year is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are from Ukraine, and a major part of our team is in the country. We helped some team members relocate to a safer part of Ukraine, and some of the team members relocated to Europe. Some of our team members’ families suffered from ruining their homes and changing their usual way of living.

Some potential clients are reluctant to work with us because of the situation. I understand that as a business, they manage their risks. So we are expanding our recruitment, and hiring people in Europe.

There are many large and small players offering custom software development services; what measures do you take to operate in such a highly competitive market?

We try to focus on 3 main aspects:

  • Understand the business of our client
  • Understand the market we work in
  • Build the delivery that meets clients’ timelines and budgets with the best possible quality

We understand that when a client wants to develop a custom software system – he wants to solve his problem. We ask questions about how the product should impact their business and focus all our efforts on achieving this goal. Often clients know what they want to achieve but don’t know how to get there.

Most often, clients have a vision of how the product should look and work. Sometimes we share that vision, and sometimes not – because we see better solutions. We have 8 years of experience and have delivered more than 40 projects for clients from North America, Europe, and the Middle East. So we can estimate the technical challenge of an offered solution and suggest a more effective alternative to better reach the client’s business goal.

By understanding the market, I mean that as we have been focusing on the healthcare market over the past few years, we spoke with our clients and people from the market about the challenges and potential solutions. Also, I started a HealthTech Beat podcast with a mission to reveal the technology implementation challenges in the healthcare industry. We invite health tech entrepreneurs and technical leaders to speak about their products and the challenges when they built or implemented their solutions in the market. We also discuss how companies can build and scale their engineering teams. You can find our podcast on our website, and Spotify, Youtube, and iTunes.

To deliver a product that meets clients’ timelines and budgets with the best possible quality, we have developed a system that helps Project Managers to measure all the project’s needed parameters to identify quality, timeline, and budget perspective. That helps us to mitigate risks and provide a client with a high-quality product.

How do DEMIGOS plan to expand and diversify in the coming years? Where do you see yourself?

We now focus on providing startups and companies with full-time dedicated engineers and engineering teams. It could bring much value to developing companies that want to grow even faster. Building remote engineering teams using this model helps them to be efficient in their development costs, grow the engineering department faster than building an in-house team, and even streamline their development process, as the development partner could have better-established processes than a company.

How do you analyze this industry to perform in the coming years?

Now we are in a tough market, with a very tense geopolitical and economic situation all over the world. These factors influence decision-makers to plan companies’ budgets. The market could be tough in the coming years, as the valuations and investment volumes can drop. However, companies with sustainable business models with efficient operations and teams would continue to grow as companies keep buying products and services.

Also, innovation is a big driver of future economic growth. Despite the problems, companies will continue investing in IT product development, and new disruptive startups will shake up existing industries. All of this drives innovation, helping companies to be more efficient, and open new markets. So the services we provide still be in demand in the coming years.

What are the unique issues of the industries you have been working with? Do you offer custom solutions or off-the-shelf products to your clients?

We specialize in custom solutions development. We have built products for senior care and home health companies, clinics, and insurance companies in healthcare. We understand what problems these companies may have and can add our experience and expertise from other projects.

Also, we have built products for the US real estate industry and logistics.