Global Alcoholic RTD Market Entertain New Players for Innovation

Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Alcoholic beverages (Alcopops) are flavored drinks with relatively low alcohol content. These are premixed alcoholic drinks with various fruit flavors and are mainly spirit-based, malt-based, or wine-based. Changing dynamics of the alcohol market, rising consciousness about its consumption, and innovations led to the introduction of such canned bottles RTD and high strength premixes globally. These low-content alcoholic beverages appeal to the young demographics worldwide, pushing the global alcoholic RTD market.


Since its inception in the 1990s, the alcopops drew brows around the world. The first player that launched product in this segment was Barcadi’s Breezer in 1993, followed by Smirnoff Ice, Two dogs, and others. With the changing lifestyles and consumption habits, and the rising interest in low alcohol content drinks, the market is expected to grow at 4.38% of CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

Top manufacturers such as Bacardi Limited, Anheuser Bursch InBev, Suntory Spirits Ltd have strained the competition with massive investments. However, rising consumption of RTD beverages and the industry’s attractiveness will open opportunistic entrance for new players & the market.

Top Ready-To-Drink Alcoholic Beverages with its Brands:

1. Bud light

The malt-based Bud light drinks manufactured by Anheuser Busch InBev is dominating the market, especially in the United States. With the massive success of Bud light Ritas, the company launched Bud Light Mixxtail in 2015. Numerous variants of Bud Lights are significant attractors of the young female population.

2. Ritas Spritz

Rita spritz, another innovation by multinational brewing company Anheuser Busch InBev, initially launched as Lime-A-Rita explicitly targeted the women population. The canned margaritas come in variants like Grape-A-Rita, Orange-0- Rita, and others.

3. Barcardi

Barcadi’s RTD cocktails dominate the market, launched under various product names like Bacardi Limón, Bacardi Pineapple, Bacardi Tangerine, Bacardi Dragonberry, and others. These RTDs are manufactured by the largest spirits company. Bacardi Limited is consumed mainly by the young generation and women globally.

4. Truly Spiked and Sparkling

The light, low alcohol content Truly spiked & Sparkling manufactured by US-based, The Boston Beer Company comes in variants namely, Colima Lime, Grapefruit & Pomelo and others. The company launched this new hard seltzer range in 2016.

5. Smirnoff Pure of Diageo PLC

The Smirnoff Pure, manufactured by multinational beverage company Diageo PLC, grabbed the RTD market globally. This bubbly drink is its first premix to combine vodka and natural fruit ingredients with no added preservatives and artificial ingredients.

6. Austin Cocktails

The vodka-based Austin cocktails come with a mix of natural ingredients and low alcohol content crafted authentic cocktails. The drinks manufactured by a family-owned company, Austin Company, include Bergamot Orange Margarita, Paradise Found, Cucumber Vodka, and Tea Twister.

7. Jack Daniel’s RTDs

Jack Daniel’s ready-to-drink beverage is manufactured by one of America’s largest spirits companies, The Brown-Forman Corporation. The brand grabs a significant share of America’s market and globally. Jack Daniel’s country cocktails are suitable for various occasions with a blend of whiskey and fruity flavor.

8. Sparkling Margaritas

Jose Cuervo, known as the world’s oldest tequila brand, manufactures the ready-to-drink canned sparkling margaritas. The drink is available in flavors, namely classic lime, strawberry, and Paloma, along with its authentic golden margaritas. The company has an operating presence across the globe and holds a significant share in the global alcoholic beverages market.

All in all,

The dominant players are influencing the market by launch of alluring products & capital. Also, with the growing expansion in emerging economies, innovations in packaging, and the presence of new entrants with crafty products, the global alcoholic RTD market has massive opportunities and prospects.