Analyzing Proactive Use Cases of Augmented Reality in Agriculture Market

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Augmented reality (AR) is no longer privy to agriculture, offering enhanced sustainability, productivity, and efficiency. As per Inkwood Research, the global augmented reality in agriculture market growth is anticipated to progress at a CAGR of 31.12% during the forecast period, 2023-2032. Farmers can increase production, minimize crop wastage, and train other farmers by leveraging augmented reality in agriculture.

Our blog explores a few proactive use cases of augmented reality in agriculture.

  • BASF Digital Farming GmbH’s SCOUTING improves Agronomic Decisions

On 9th March 2021, BASF Digital Farming GmbH signed an agreement with AGvisorPRO to expand access to an accredited, local agronomic advisor through its xarvio™ SCOUTING application. This will enable SCOUTING users to share pictures of an in-field problem, like diseases, insects, and unknown weeds, with a virtual agronomic advisor to learn about solutions. The users can choose to connect to agriculture domain experts by clicking the AGvisorPRO button after receiving an instant response and high-level recommendations.

Says Brent Nicol, Commercial Lead for xarvio at BASF Digital Farming, “The connection between our automatized in-field problem identifier, xarvio SCOUTING, and the AGvisorPRO connectivity platform will provide another way to assist farmers with identifying problems in their field.” (Source)

Further, Robert Saik, AGvisorPRO CEO, adds, “It is my belief that the key to greater profitability, increased sustainability and enhanced food security comes from farmers having access to the right information from the right expert at the right time. With SCOUTING and AGvisorPRO our goal is to make agriculture better.” (Source)

  • Plantix: The Crop Clinician

Plantix is an app developed to help farmers combat pest damage, nutrient deficiency, and disease in their crops. Plantix is based on deep learning and was developed by a group of scientists and graduate students to help farmers tackle crop diseases and deficiencies.

The farmers capture and upload the image with GPS on the app, which then identifies the crop type in the image and releases the disease diagnosis.

Moreover, Plantix recommends targeted chemical or biological treatments for disease plants. In addition, the app helps reduce the volume of agrochemicals in waterways and groundwater and waterways resulting from incorrect application or overuse of pesticides and herbicides.

Says Charlotte Schumann, co-founder of PEAT (Progressive Environmental & Agricultural Technologies), “It was really important for us to understand what farmers wanted, so we did a lot of groundwork in India.” (Source)

Furthermore, Plantix is multilingual and is presently available in 18 languages.

Explains Simone Strey, PEAT’s chief executive, “… the farmers often use different names for crop diseases than those used by scientists. And if the farmers don’t know the scientific name, they won’t be able to search for solutions online.” (Source)

  • Unfurled View: Trimble’s Next-Generation Agriculture Displays

On 3rd October 2022, Trimble introduced its next-generation displays for its precision agriculture applications, the Trimble GFX-1260™ and GFX-1060™ displays. The company’s innovative displays facilitate swift and efficient in-field operations while monitoring and mapping field information in real time with precision.

Further, the GFX-1260™ and GFX-1060™ displays are compatible with Trimble NAV-500™ and NAV-900 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) guidance controllers.

The Trimble GFX-1260™ and GFX-1060™ displays feature:

  • Flexible connectivity through integrated wireless options
  • Data sharing through the optional AutoSync™ feature
  • Connecting with industry-leading GNSS correction services
  • Coherent communication between tractor and farm equipment
  • Compatibility with Trimble Ag Software

Says Jim Chambers, vice president of Trimble Agriculture, “The displays operate in tough environments and during long days in the field throughout every season, allowing users to confidently perform a range of field operations quickly and reliably—they are powerful to run and simple to use.” (Source)

Augmented Reality in Agriculture: Increasing Investments Reflect Growth Potential

The impact of technology and the subsequent introduction of novel agriculture technologies are transitioning the agricultural industry. On the other hand, the proven operational and economic benefits of agricultural technologies have facilitated the entry of startups and small businesses.

Accordingly, the profit derived from data-driven efficiency through agriculture technologies has resulted in huge investments in the agritech industry. The investments are also driven by the growing demand for higher yields due to the increasing population in countries like Vietnam, India, China, the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. Such investments testify to the growth potential of the global augmented reality in agriculture market.

By Akhil Nair


Which is the prominent region in the global augmented reality in agriculture market?

North America is the prominent region in the global augmented reality in agriculture market.

Which is the dominant application in the global augmented reality in agriculture market?

Indoor Farming is the dominant application in the global augmented reality in agriculture market.